Storm Lake United Methodist Church

The first Methodist sermon was preached in the Storm Lake area by the Rev. Thomas Whitely, October 4, 1868. Both the Alta and Storm Lake churches count their origin in that service. The first Methodist class had 14 members.

In 1875 the First Methodist Church was built on our present site in Storm Lake. In 1906 the present church was built. Families brought granite boulders from their fields and from the shore of the lake. Stone cutters worked on the site to build the church on "the rock that does not change."

In 1916 one of our pastors, Dr. Eben S. Johnson , was elected Bishop and assigned to the African mission field.

In 1954 the Christian educational building was built.

In 1959 the Methodist Manor was established. Today it has grown to a multi-level care retirement home with 160 residents.

In 1970 the sanctuary was completely remodeled with new pews and new entryways.

Beginning in 1976 volunteers took down many of the wall partitions in the educational building which eventually led to the remodeling of the building with introduction of hallways and large sized classrooms and including a parking lot entrance. This work was finally completed in 1979.

A church library was begun in 1975 which has grown into a collection of more than 2,000 adult level books and over 900 juvenile volumes, plus cassettes, videos, records and periodicals.

In 1976 the church sponsored a refugee family from southeast Asia. Van Khounlo, the head of that family, came to the church as custodian in 1978.

The Truesdale Methodist Church was closed in 1981 . Many members joined the Storm Lake Methodist Church and some property was also brought to this church.

In 1982 under the sponsorship of the YMCA, a pre-school called Kinderschool began using the Educational Building rooms during the school year. It continues today now under the sponsorship of the Community Education program.

In 1986 an elevator serving all 3 floors of the church and the educational building was installed to make both buildings handicapped accessible.

In 1989, a second parsonage occupied by the Ellerbecks was purchased at 821 Angier Dr.

Saturday evening services were inaugurated in 1991.

In 1994 in conjunction with the Storm Lake Ministerial Association, a Southeast Asian Ministry was begun.

In 1997 The New Spirit Fellowship, a contemporary worship, was started.

Finally, in 2000, an ambitious $1.5 Million renovation and building addition was started.  The construction included the addition of a fellowship/multi-purpose room, enhanced kitchen facilities, renovated sanctuary and the addition of a new organ.  The project was completed in 2002 and is now serving the Storm Lake United Methodist Congregation.